Choose Cricket Batting Gloves

The protection of the cricket batter is crucial. It includes a helmet with face shield, leg pads, gloves, and a cup or box. Batting gloves are used to prevent injury to the hand.

Broken fingers are a common injury in many sports. Most injuries to the fingers and hand result from players catching the ball, or the impact of hitting. Ligament sprains as well as fractures and dislocations are common injuries to the hand. These are essential to prevent the ball from striking your hand, which can cause severe pain.

To increase grip, batting gloves can be worn. A tight grip is crucial for hitting successful runs. When choosing cricket gloves, you should be careful. Make sure the fingertips have flexible padded areas that provide extra protection for the thumb.

CA Sports Ltd is a well-known, world-class producer of all types of sattaking equipment. This reliable manufacturer offers high-quality products and can recommend three cricket gloves to suit your preferences. The suggested batting gloves include CA PLUS Premium, CA Pro 2000, and CA Power. The first two models can be used by both right-handed and left-handed batsmen, while the last model is for right-handed batsmen only. The CA Plus Premium models and CA Pro 2000 models have premium sheep skin, soft palm, double protection reinforcement layer, flexible fingers area construction, and an improved finger chamber system for comfort and protection. The CA Power glove features a high quality PU upper and leather, as well as fusion of cotton palms. Since 1958, this manufacturer has conducted research to satisfy the needs of their customers regarding cricket equipment, including gloves and bats.

To ensure the highest level of protection, it is important to choose the right batting gloves.

The Sports HQ is proud to offer Europe’s best prices on a wide variety of factory direct golf, cricket and fitness products.

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