How to create a remote that gets you noticed

Ask yourself this question about your remote Would you still be interested to read it if it weren’t yours? Your resume is your business card. It represents you, your achievements and your personality. You should not underestimate the importance of creating a resume. Although it will take some time to make your resume smart, simple, and elegant, the effort will pay off.

These six tips can help you achieve big results.

Make sure to spell-check your resume carefully. Computer spelling-check programs may not always catch grammar and spelling errors. You can proofread your resume yourself and have friends and family look it over. For a successful resume, attention to detail is key.

You can organize your resume in reverse chronological order. Highlight the most significant academic achievement. Your most recent internship should also be at the top. Don’t forget to include dates.

Create your resume for easy reading A standard font like Arial or Times New Roman 11-12 point. Italicize, bold, or underline key headlines (e.g. Bold the name of the company where you interned; italicize the job title. To separate accomplishments, use bullets
Use simple language and concise sentences. Eliminate the articles “a”, “an”, and “the” and the pronouns (“I”, “me,” or “myself”)

Achievements, accomplishments and accomplishments. Make your resume focus on achievements, not tasks. While you are responsible for your duties and responsibilities, it is your achievements that will make you stand out.

Get fresh perspectives. Reach out to as many people in your network as possible (i.e. Career service advisors, family members, and former intern colleagues can look at your resume and provide feedback.

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