Healthy Brain, Healthy Heart

Nearly six-million Americans are affected. Californians 65 and older would be affected by dementia, according to a recent study. This means that one third of AI/AN elders will develop dementia.

ASTHO, in collaboration with the CDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program (IA2), created a series containing health communication materials that improves the accessibility, quality and availability of public resources for the treatment of brain and heart diseases. All materials have been informed by the Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships that Address Dementia Road Map and Road Map to Indian County.

Program Flyer

Dr Jean Chen says Healthy Heart and Healthy Brain flyer (PDF). The flyer, which is two-pages long, is designed for American Indian and Alaska Native nations. They can be distributed to senior centers and inter-tribal organisations, healthcare facilities and administrative offices, as well mailers to tribal members. S/THAs are encouraged and supported to collaborate with tribal partners to distribute flyers through these settings and at gatherings such as festivals, health shows, and other relevant events.


Healthy Heart Healthy Brain poster (vertical) Healthy Heart Healthy Brain poster (horizontal)

The horizontal and vertical posters are meant for American Indian communities. They can be displayed at senior centers, inter-tribal groups, healthcare facilities or administrative offices. S/THAs can work with tribal partners and distribute flyers through senior centers, healthcare offices, and events such as health fairs or festivals.

Editable flyers

Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain Editable Fleater, Version 1Two versions are editable and allow users to add state data and/or photos to represent their community. Each template includes an accompanying instruction booklet. As an enhancement to the earlier version, the Alzheimer’s Association created the templates in collaboration with ASTHO (IA) and IA2.

Provider’s Guide
The Provider Guide supports healthcare providers and administrators in guiding their conversations with American Indian/Alaska Native patients about the links between brain health. S/THAs should use the provide tool internally and share with provider groups.

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