Influence: A key quality for a leader

Do you wonder why some leaders succeed faster than others. It’s not because they are smarter, better looking, have great ideas, or have the best strategies. Although these factors have an impact on the outcome, their influence is the most important.

Jason Hare Kingston, says it best.

“Leadership means influence. Nothing more. ”

Leaders must have the ability to influence others. This skill will determine your success and failure. Leaders need to master it.

You are able to influence others to make changes, build high-performing teams and successfully implement strategies. Influencing others is key to being a great leader.

Please understand that I don’t refer to manipulation when speaking of influence. Manipulation might get you what your want in the immediate, but it will end up costing you your reputation and your leadership.

Your role as leader is to mobilize others to believe and take action towards a common goal. They need you to inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals. Great leaders inspire others and model winning attitudes.

It is possible to learn leadership and influence.

Your power is built on the foundation of

1. Trust. People who trust others will be more inclined to follow them, believe in them and work harder. You cannot have lasting influence if you don’t trust others. Trust is built from trust over time. It comes down to genuine relationships, consistent behavior and care. It will become evident that people who trust you will have a greater belief in your vision, will be more open to going the extra mile and will feel more confident.

2. Likeability. Amy Cuddy, from Harvard Business School, discovered that being warm is the key to influencing others. Research shows that leaders who are low in likability have only a one-in-2,000 chance of being considered to be effective. WOW! You must be approachable, positive, authentic, caring, and warm to achieve leadership success.

3. Genuine relationships. People with the greatest influence tend to be those with stronger relationships. Think about people with whom you are able to build strong relationships. Are you more likely help them, support them, and advocate for their success? You will, of course. It is the same for your relationships at work.

By building trust and likability with your coworkers, customers, and colleagues, you can increase your influence.

The bottom line is that leadership influence has more to do than just your personality and how you behave each day at work. Be a genuine interest in others, build relationships and likability with them and you will see your influence and the results.

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