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Inspiration can come in many forms. Inspiration can come from simple things, such as nature, for visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright. Others might find inspiration from years of exposure and conditioning, as well as the ability to see a nuance that inspires their imagination. Designers see the world with a new set of eyes and have different sensibilities. Designers can make something old look new again. They can place an object or color so that we not only notice it but also feel it.

In my many years of top interior designers in mumbai I have met many people at various levels. Some are extremely successful, but they’re better at selling than designers. Some people have the talent of a Richter, but they don’t make a dime. It’s a business for some, but it’s a passion for others. These are the people that inspire me.

Anybody who is interested in interior design should surround themselves with inspiration from others. Everybody has had to face that wall at one point or another when attempting to create a presentation. We feel as though our minds are going blank, that the deadline is looming and that we don’t have any creativity left. This is the time to put down my pencil, relax with a good design book, and let my mind wander into another dimension. It is a great way to recharge my batteries by looking at photos of beautiful rooms around the world. It helps me to see the world with a new perspective and it frees me from any ties to my past.

I have decided to share my favourite books here. These are my favorite books. I don’t sell them, nor do I recommend where to buy them. Please leave a comment if you have favorites. I am always looking for new books. These items are not listed in order of preference; that is up to you.

Jose Solis Betancourt, an architect and interior designer, is a regular contributor to the AD 100, Architectural Digest’s list of top architects, often called the Oscars in the design world. “Essential Elegance” includes 14 of Solis Betancourt’s projects. These rooms are places where you can find comfort and refuge. The contrast between his use of luxury fabrics and the simple arrangement of furniture and accessories creates a subtle, but sometimes striking effect.

Axel Vervoordt, an antique dealer from Belgium, is also the owner of an 85-person design firm. This multidisciplinary center of decorative arts, crafts and craft in Kanaal, which includes a complex of warehouses and silos that were restored from the nineteenth century, has 85 employees. He is a master of light and color. His “Timeless Interiors”, contains more than 20 of his most memorable projects.

Alexa Hampton’s book “The Language of Interior Design” is a testament to the knowledge and exposure she gained as the daughter of Mark Hampton, an interior designer legend. She is now a top-rated interior designer. She also licensed product lines from various manufacturers. Her style is eclectic and combines classic with contemporary elements. Each has an extraordinary eye for proportion, detail and finish.

Mary McDonald Interiors: The Lust of Style” blends vintage Hollywood glamour and everyday life. House Beautiful consistently ranks her as one of the Top 100 Designers. Her unique style of layering and neatly organized collections adds intrigue to the design without making it seem cluttered. The combination of her styles has been called many different things…it must be seen to be fully appreciated.

“Victoria Hagan Interior Portraits” is the debut collection of work for this experienced designer. Victoria Hagan was first discovered by New York magazine 1998. She is known for her “intelligent integration of architecture and Interior Design”. This book is about an interior designer who relies on what’s not there more than what you see. Her rooms are calm, organized, and clean. This book is one you will not want to miss.

His most recent release, “Vincent Wolf: Lifting the Curtains on Design”, is from 2010. This book gives a glimpse into the creative process of a designer, from conception to completion. His work is elegant, clean, and uncluttered. His palettes are light and his ability to use inexpensive objects as focal points is refreshing. His work is based in New York and includes commercial and residential projects.

David Easton’s 2010 book “Timeless Elegance, The Houses of David Easton” was also released. This book includes a lot of work that was not published before and includes drawings and blueprints from the projects. These help to understand the design decisions made. His work is elegant, timeless and well-done with lots of detail. He is an artist who knows interior design and architecture as well as art. His clients may have great wealth, but the rooms are an artful sanctuary and a calm place.


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