Web Development – A Comprehensive Overview

Web development is often a broad term that covers activities related to website development. Website design, content development for websites, ecommerce business growth, scripting, and coding are all part of this field. It has been observed that web developers are not limited to writing markup languages or coding. These professionals view the non-designing aspect of website development as the most important. Website development can include static web pages or complex internet-based applications.

Website development is not something that can be done by one person or one department. It is collaborative and requires a team effort. A website can be developed by different departments within a company. The website development process includes code writing, coding, designing, content creation according to the client’s needs and the search engine, and finally optimizing the website for search engines. It is impossible for one department to create the whole thing. The process is more collaborative. There is only one difference between web development companies: the structure and size of the departments. The same tasks are performed by smaller companies with fewer people, whereas large companies have more people and can produce better quality products. The webmaster is the common resource of all websites. The webmaster is the core of any website and makes all decisions about it. All secondary resources work in specific departments within a company, including coders, script authors, graphic designers, web designers, content writers and seo copywriters.

It has been a remarkable rise in web development companies around the globe. Since the mid-1990s, this industry has seen a significant increase in its growth. Statisticians in the United States of America show that there were only one thousand of these companies in 1995. This number jumped to 30 000 by 2005. In other words, in just a decade or 10 years, the number of websites and associated companies has increased 30 times. Industry analysts predict that the website development industry will grow at an astounding rate of 25% by 2010.

You might be asking yourself a question: Why is this industry experiencing such a rapid growth?

This industry’s valuation has risen due to the support of large companies. Businesses around the globe want to reach as many customers as possible, and in a targeted way. They have ventured into the internet-world to reach more customers. To tap into the vast market of netizens, large businesses are often the first to enter this market.

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