Web Development Services – Contribution of Programming and Testing

Web Development Services can be used to develop simple websites or complex, structured websites. Although the local personal computer revolutionized market, they were unable to offer all user’s needs. However, their vision and mission did not allow for flexibility. After the invention of World Wide Web, loop was closed. With great hopes and crazy visions, we entered a new era.

There are many programming languages. Scripting language was also developed to meet the requirements of web-based applications. The first language to be used was code. Calculating Bernoulli numbers was the first form of computer programming. Calculations based on decimal numbers were used in the early 20th century. Modern programming languages like FORTAN, COBOL and LIST were created around 1950. A similar algorithmic language, ALGOL, was developed for algorithms. Bells Lab developed programming language C. This language was revolutionary and led to many object-oriented programming languages like C++, Java, C#.net, etc. which are widely used today to create web-based applications.

Hackers are a new community that has grown out of the popularity of programming language. They are programmers who attempt to change the system. Special measures are taken to prevent fraud attacks like vishing, pishing and spam. These attacks are especially vulnerable to web-based applications, which are available to millions of users around the world. The following are the main concerns of web development service providers:

1. Useability
2. Functionality
3. Security and
4. Performance

Website usability refers to how easy it is for the user to navigate through the application. Functionality ensures that the application is developed in accordance with the requirements document. Security refers to making sites less susceptible to hackers or computer bots programs. Finally, performance measures response time, load times and the causes of bottlenecks problems.

Online shopping is rapidly gaining popularity among youths around the world. Every day, e-commerce is becoming more popular. There are thousands of e-commerce applications for online hotel bookings, online shopping and online bidding. These types of applications are growing at a rapid pace. Web-based e-Commerce Services providers are meeting the requirements of organizations who want to be globally visible. The e-commerce market is being promoted in a very positive manner by the improvement in web development services

Web Application Testing:

Testing is the process by which an application is tested to determine if it meets the specifications. If testing is done online, it’s possible to find loopholes and check for them. To meet the testing needs of testers, there are many automation tools on the market.

Online banking, online reservation, and online booking require extensive testing. These applications are prominently featured on search engines. Testing focuses on the functionality of applications, their performance and security. Web Development Services providers assign this task to the Quality team, whose job is to find the fault and fix it from the development teams. The application will suffer in the real world if the above-mentioned features are not met. However, the web development company provider must also suffer. Testing is considered an overall quality control from the beginning stages of software development until it goes live, and sometimes even beyond.


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